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Asphalt Paving Maintenance
As a residential or commerial customer we recommend protecting your new asphalt paving investment. You can protect your new asphalt paving project with special products that create a barrier between your asphalt and the elements.

How does Pressure Washing and Special Asphalt Resurfacer protect your asphalt investment?

"Special Asphalt Resurfacer": Prevents water damage to asphalt, reduces oxidation caused by the sun, reduces gas, oil, and salt damage. Special Asphalt Resurfacer lowers your maintenance cost and also beautifies asphalt, the black slate color, restores asphalts original color and it's easier to keep clean.

"Pressure Washing" your asphalt prior to sealing gets rid of dirt, debris, moss, and mold, and the Special Asphalt Resurfacer adheres to the aged asphalt better for long lasting effect.

"Preparation of Asphalt": Clean area to be sealed, treat weeds with an approved weed killer, if required. Fill all cracking 1/4" or larger with an approved elastromeric crack and joint filler, such as SAP Premeir or ASTM D-1190 Crack and Joint Sealant. Remove all broken asphalt, concrete, prime and patch area with new asphalt material. Then pressure wash, sweep, blow or vacume surface to insure a clean, bondable surface.

"Application": Application is normally 25 - 45 sq. ft. per gallon of undiluted Special Asphalt Resurfacer with 0 - 10% of clean water to smooth creamy consistency that is compatible with the application method. Apply using hand or motorized squeegee or spray equipment.
When applying by squeegee, do not overwork sealcoat material, as this can cause premature
drying. In hot weather, curing can take place in as little as 20 minutes. Resurfacer material can be applied at tempatures between 50 degrees and humidity of 75%. If asphalt pavement is rough or extremely oxidized, add one or two pounds of silica sand for smoother finished surface.

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